Dark Web Monitoring


What is the Dark Web?
The Dark Web is an area of the internet that is not visible by using search engines, but instead requires special software to gain entry. The Dark Web is known for its anonymity, a place where criminals can buy and sell nearly anything, such as stolen credit card information, email credentials, Netflix login information, personal health records, guns, drugs, and the list goes on.

Why does my organization need to be concerned with the Dark Web?
Data breaches happen, and when they do, the compromised credentials often end up on the Dark Web. When your employees become involved in a data breach, whether that be with their work email or their personal email account, those credentials may very likely end up on the Dark Web. Once cyber criminals obtain those compromised credentials, they can and will be used across any accounts the criminal can gain access to.

Let’s suppose your employee’s credentials end up on the Dark Web. Now, let’s say that employee uses the same password for everything or a very similar variation of that password. There is a good chance that the same password is being used to “protect” your organization and the data it stores. Now, the Dark Web has not only exploited your employee’s valuable information but, potentially your organization’s as well.

What is Dark Web Monitoring and why do we need it?

As your trusted technology advisor, we are pleased to take some burden off your organization by providing you with 24/7 Dark Web monitoring. This means that the minute your organization’s email domain ends up on the Dark Web, we will notify you of the breached data.

By uncovering dark web data the moment it becomes available, we can work together to ensure the necessary steps are taken to prevent damage to your organization and your employee’s personal assets.

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